A 280 acre Nature Center with 1.82 Mile Hiking Trail

Established on a tract of untouched land in Hume Township, Michigan, the Huron County Nature Center and Wilderness Arboretum  has been under the tender care of the Huron County Women's Clubs since 1941.  In 1990 the Huron County Board of Commissioners formed this center for the enjoyment and education of the public. The Nature Center is open all year round, and admission is always free.

What is a Wilderness Arboretum?  It is a place where plants, animals, insects, fungi - all things living or dead - are protected for scientific and educational purposes and for the preservation of the natural environment.  The Nature Center's geography of alternating sand ridges and shallow swales is a haven not only for native Michigan species, but for Michigan nature lovers and environmentalists.  Enjoy a refreshing walk along one of the well kept trails of the Nature Center.


Photos provided by Kathy Kent of the Huron County Nature Center